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Bharath Nursery and Primary School


There is PLENTY of things to learn after learning we should live on basis of what we have learnt and also we should teach others which calls for SACRIFICE on our part ... Read More

Notice Board

Chairman Desk

Bharath school provides the highest quality education, so that all of our students are empowered to lead productive

Principal Desk

Bharath school is committed to provide educational excellence for all ..
Bharath Nursery and Primary School

Salient Features

The Purpose of the school is to motivate each and every person to educate.
It is to train the students in a Discipline and God fearing which automatically
lead them to dignified future. Read More

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Kids Park and Students Play ground

Education Intellectual Activities

Yoga, Karate & Silambam

Bharath Nursery and Primary School
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Bharath Nursery and Primary School



Educational Activities

This School is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu under Primary Education
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Curricular Activities

In general we trained the students in way of teaching , training and coaching in order to make
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Extra Curricular Activities

To active the students, the school conducts Sports Day by the end of every academic year
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Bharath Nursery and Primary School

Student Rules

  • 1. Every Pupil shall wear clear respectable dress and punctual to school.
  • 2. Every Pupil shall greet the teachers on his first meeting them for the day within school premises.
  • 3. On a teacher entering the class room the pupil shall raise and remain standing till they are desired sit or till the teacher takes his/her seat.
  • 4. No pupil shall be allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of his/her teacher until the class is dismissed.
  • 5. Pupils marching from after assembly to classroom or one classroom to another class-room or the play ground and back shall do so in order and shall preserve perfect order and silence on their way.
  • 6. Any pupil found loitering in the school premises during the school hours or / and pupil found scribbling on the school walls disfiguring the school furniture or causing damage to any school property will be severely punished all damages must be made good.
  • 7. All students should keep their class-rooms neat and tidy.
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