:: Request for Parents

Request for Parents
  • 1. Please visit the school as after as possible and discuss with your child's progress, attendance and behaviors during their leisure hours or the interview hours as the case may be.
  • 2. Please see that your child does their homework and prepares their lessons regularly at home as instructed by the teacher throughout the diary and sign the respective columns.
  • 3. Please avoid wearing Gold & Silver ornaments of any kind to your child.
  • 4. Please bring your child in time (i.e., before first bell) in full uniform with necessary books and notes along with stationeries and also avoid frequent absence.
  • 5. Please attend in time to parent's meeting and whenever the circular from the school and go through the progress reports of your children given from the school.
  • 6. Please avoid feeding lunch etc., in the school campus.
  • 7. Please don't disturb your wards and teachers during class hours, in case wait near the gate until the bell rings.
  • 8. Please inform immediately in case of change of address in order to maintain students record.
  • 9. Please don't park the vehicle in front of the school gates and also inside the school premises.
  • 10. Please give whole hearted co-operation and sincere support to us, which will help us to achieve success in the realm of Education.




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